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Tremendously enthusiastic are two words to describe how we feel about working for homeowners
on their house additions. Such as decks, patios, pergolas, outdoor living areas, pagodas, and sunrooms; they are what we do, and we do them well! We would love to help you create the perfect addition to your home.

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When searching Google for phrases like Deck Builders in Maryland, one name is synonymous with quality Deck Building Contractors in Baltimore County, Maryland, and that name is ARH Decks!

Great Communication

Any successful home building project requires a clear understanding of the dream.

Easy Payment Options

There are many ways to pay, including credit/debit cards, cash and low interest financing, just ask for details!

Creating More Value

The enduring beauty and functionality we build will add tremendous long-lasting value to your home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We do what it takes to ensure you are completely thrilled with our services.

Smart Building

Our decades of experience, along with using the latest technology get us unparalleled results.

Happy Clients

We never get tired of hearing delighted clients tell us (their friends, family and colleagues) about our work.


Should I Hire a Deck Builder?

If you were searching Google or Bing for deck builders in Maryland, and you landed here, you have come to the right place.

Fact is, if you are not naturally handy with nails, a hammer, saws, and other tools of the deck building trade and are not inclined to tackle a DIY deck building project, then hiring a deck-building specialist like ARH Decks (contractor) may be your best choice.

So, let’s discuss all you need to know if you are preparing to take the next step toward having a deck built on your home.

Consider this before hiring a deck builder.

A qualified deck builder can help you accomplish your plan, but you will need a solid plan before starting. You should ask yourself before reaching out to a Baltimore County deck contractor.

What size deck do I want?

Planning the rough dimensions of your deck can give your deck builder a better idea of the project’s scope.

Take ample time to evaluate the space you have in mind.

How do you want to use it?

It may not be challenging to decide what space to use if you have a sizable yard. However, if your yard is relatively tiny, dedicating a portion of it to the deck is far more significant.

That ties into how they see their deck used after being built for most Baltimore County homeowners.

How many levels do I want on my deck?

A deck can be built as a single or have multiple levels. Depending on the design of your home and the space in your backyard, you may consider making it a more complex and visually stunning add-on.

Some homeowners create multiple deck areas and then connect them to existing outdoor living features in their backyard, like a swimming pool or vegetable garden.

The best way to approach this question is by looking at your backyard holistically. You want your deck to become a seamless part of your backyard. What existing features will it need to blend with, and how can you do that most cohesively?

What decking materials do I prefer?

How do you want the design of your new deck to look?

Years past, pressure-treated wood was the only choice for an outdoor deck. Now, you have a wider variety of materials.

While pressure-treated wood is still popular, some plastic and wood fiber alternatives are available.

Do some research and consider what you like best and what is best for the weather in Baltimore County.

What types of features do I hope to incorporate?

There are so many options when installing a deck. If you want a fire pit, water feature, built-in seating, and more, then your deck building can find a way to make it happen. Look at many different designs and figure out what you like best.

If you begin looking at many different designs and feel especially lost, do not worry!

ARH Decks in Baltimore County can help you evaluate, design, and construct your deck. Reach out for more information.

Not knowing where to start is not a reason not to build a deck. Reach out for help so the experts can jump-start the process for you.

What is my budget?

Money! Unfortunately, that is a factor in designing and building a deck. Decide your budget to have a starting point when discussing your deck builder.

We Offer Unparalleled Start-to-finish Deck Building Solutions (including complete deck design services).

As you know, outdoor living has reached an all-time high throughout Baltimore County and surrounding areas.

Make the most of yours. Whether you have a deck that requires revitalization or looking to build a new deck, we can help.

With over 20 years in this business, we have an in-depth understanding of the complexity of deck building, and we go beyond traditional deck construction.

We thoroughly evaluate, design, and construct with our on-staff certified structural engineer to make your deck one of a kind. Think you don’t have enough space for a deck?

Why not create a roof-top deck?

Did you know one of the biggest crazes today is roof-top decks?

Call us at 410-718-0388 to find out what we can do to expand your outdoor living and entertaining spaces today!

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