Deck Design for Hosting Parties

family bbq on the deck

A well-designed deck can transform your outdoor space into the ultimate party haven. Whether you enjoy hosting intimate gatherings or lively celebrations, creating a deck that caters to your entertaining needs is essential. From seating arrangements to lighting and entertainment features, every aspect should be carefully considered. At ARH Decks, we have been helping Marylanders […]

Designing the Perfect Deck for Your Home

perfect deck design for you

A well-designed deck can significantly enhance the appeal and functionality of your home. It provides a space for relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor activities. Whether you have a large backyard or a cozy terrace, designing the perfect deck requires careful planning and consideration. At ARH Decks, we’ve helped many Marylanders design perfect decks for their homes, […]

Which Type of Deck is Right for My House?

deck with lighting in the stairs

Adding a deck to your house is an excellent way to increase your living space, enhance your home’s appeal, and boost its resale value. A deck can also provide a relaxing and inviting outdoor space where you can enjoy the fresh air, entertain guests, or just unwind after a long day. However, choosing the right […]